Mistplay is a company of doers. Let’s get it done together!

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Leadership Principles

These principles define our culture, guide our decisions, and shape our hiring process. Our diversity fuels our imagination and our values bring us together.

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Work like a founder

We trust our team with the authority to work like founders, and we give them the creative freedom to do what they know is best. We take pride in only hiring individuals who demonstrate an entrepreneurial mindset and can take complete ownership of their projects.

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Commit and deliver

Taking on a project means committing to a deadline, and delivering on time. "I'll get around to it" is not something you'll hear from your colleagues at Mistplay. Everyone here takes pride in knowing they can count on their teammates to get the job done.

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Give honest feedback

Constructive criticism isn't meant to accompany a negative performance review, it's meant to prevent it. We don't reserve feedback for special occasions or quarterly evaluations, we use it as a tool every single day. Caring about your team means being honest with them, identifying areas in which they can improve, and letting them know when they're doing a great job.

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Be data driven

Numbers often paint a picture you can't see with the naked eye. Every decision we make is founded on data, and every idea we have is improved by it. We A/B test everything, even our office equipment.

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Own your mistakes

Making mistakes is a sign of innovation, and one of the best opportunities to learn. Taking ownership of your mistakes, learning from them, and sharing what you learned is a sign of leadership that we value and praise at Mistplay.

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Keep learning

Develop new skills, do research, and share your knowledge. Providing an environment for continuous learning is a key way we ensure personal growth.


Global recognition

The work we do at Mistplay hasn't gone unnoticed. See what the media has to say about Mistplay's successes.

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You get a lot when you work at Mistplay

We really care about our people.
That's why the benefits at Mistplay are a big deal.

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Public Transportation
Take advantage of Montreal’s excellent public transportation system - free of charge.
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Fitness Allowance
We provide $300 a year for gym memberships, exercise equipment or fitness classes.
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RRSP Contribution
Mistplay will match 100% of your RRSP contributions, up to $4000 annually.
The Mistplay team enjoys 4 weeks of paid vacation per year + 1 paid wellness week.
The team gets access to the Headspace app to help build healthy mental habits.
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Private Healthcare
We cover all health benefits including drug coverage, dentistry, vision, and more.
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Online Doctors
Consult real doctors through Maple's virtual clinic for prescriptions and referrals.
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Team Lunch
Every Wednesday, the team gets together and goes out for lunch - on the house.
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Breakfast and Snacks
We keep a stock of fresh fruit, cereal, smoothies, and more. All for you to enjoy!
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Premium Coffee
Enjoy unlimited premium espresso with our DeLonghi espresso machine.
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You'll get your own standing desk, ergonomic chair, brand new Macbook, and 4K monitor.
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Happy Hour
Every Friday, enjoy beer on tap, mixed drinks, and plenty of snacks. Bring your friends!
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Your birthday is a day off! Enjoy your special day and spend it with loved ones.


Where to find us?

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481 Avenue Viger O, Suite 300,
Montréal, QC H2Z 1G6, Canada


North Taikoo Li, 11 Sanlitun Road,
TWR N3 3/F, Beijing, China


Life at Mistplay

We're building a world-class team that builds world-class products. At Mistplay, everyone has a huge impact on the overall success of the company, no matter your role. Our semi-annual pitchathons are a way to turn your ideas into reality. Have a killer idea? Win a pitchathon and you'll get to build it.

Photo of the Mistplay team after climbing Mont-Saint-Hilaire
Photo of the Mistplay team relaxing and playing games
Four ladies from the Mistplay team dressed as various popular pop culture characters
Photo of the Mistplay team enjoying their lunch in a fast food restaurant

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Office Address

North Taikoo Li,

11 Sanlitun Road,

TWR N3 3/F,

Beijing, China


Office Address

481 Avenue Viger O
Suite 300,Montréal
QC H2Z 1G6, Canada

Los Angeles